CodeCourses Credits(Lecture/Practice/Self-study Hours)
090135104Production Management3(3-0-6)
 Production management. Using operation to complete. Develop process strategy. Analyzing processes. Managing Quality. Total quality control. Planning capacity. Managing process constraints. Designing Lean system. Managing inventories. Designing effective supply chains. Locating Facility. Planning and scheduling operations. Managing demand.  
090135108Materials Testing3(2-2-5)
 Basic of materials testing, tensile testing, compression testing, long period creep testing, bending testing, torsion testing, hardness testing, Charpy testing, fracture mechanic testing, fatique testing, safety analysis, non-destructive testing, fInite Element Method, statistical process control, polymer identification polymer compounding and polymer processing  
090135109Materials Science for Engineers3(3-0-6)
 Atomic Structure and Interatomic Bonding, Structures of Metals and Ceramics, Polymer Structures, Imperfections in Solids, Diffusion, Properties of Materials, Deformation and Strengthening Mechanisms, Phase Diagrams, Phase Transformations, Failure, Applications and Processing of Materials  
090135110Manufacturing Technology3(3-0-6)
 Mechanical properties of materials, Techniques used to determine those propertiesas well as basic polymer engineering rheological properties The second part will overview a principle of manufacturing technologies, including forming (sheet and bulk) processes, casting process and powder metallurgy process as well as polymer processing   Some specific in forming technologies such as sheet and bulk forming using case studies to the emphasis in the ongoing research in those processes.  
090135198Master Thesis12
 Research in topic of mechanical engineering, material engineering, production engineering; Development of Research and Development; Analysis and solving skill in R&D environment; Development of presentation and writing skill.  
090135199Industrial Internship4
 Development of engineering skill in real industrial environment, team work, Analysis and solving real industrial problem; Development of presentation and writing skill.  
090135203Polymer and Composite Engineering3(3-0-6)
 Processing and engineering properties of polymer materials, the effects of crystalline on the mechanical/thermal properties of polymers; Common measurement, testing and comparison techniques to aid in selection of polymer materials will be discussed; Testing methods include compressive, dynamic mechanic thermo analysis, tensile strength and different morphology testing, the effects of combining certain materials in a composite to improve overall mechanical properties  
090135204Industrial Logistics3(3-0-6)
 Logistics management. Role of logistics in industry and organization. Total cost concept. Key logistics activities; customer service, logistics information systems, inventory basic concept, Inventory management, managing materials flow, transportation, warehousing, materials handling and packaging, global logistics, and  Logistics performance.  
090135207Applications of Manufacturing Technology for Industries3(3-0-6)
 Advanced calculation techniques such as slip line and upper bound theories in metal forming technology to approximate the suitable process parameters will be covered. Classical plasticity theories will be introduced to analysis the metal forming processes.  
090135208Corrosion Engineering3(3-0-6)
 Principle of Corrosion, Forms of Corrosion and Prevention, High Temperature Corrosion, Anodic Protection, Cathodic Protection, Coatings and Inhibitors, Materials Selection and Design  
090135209Casting Processes and Casting Alloys3(3-0-6)
 Principle of Solidification, Patterns, Molding and Casting Processes, Foundry Equipment and Processing, Design Considerations, Ferrous Casting Alloys, Nonferrous Casting Alloys, the Ten Casting Rules  
090135210Fundamentals and Solving Methods in Metal Forming3(3-0-6)
 Basic of plastomechanics, stress and deformation states, yield law, differential equations for elementary theory, boundary conditions, elementary theory for basic metal forming processes, similarity theorem and modeling techniques, basic of Finile Element Method.  
090135211Chemical Metallurgy for Ferrous Metal3(3-0-6)
 Thermodynamics and reaction kinetics of iron and steelmaking. Preparation of raw material: sintering, pelletizing and coke-making. Reduction of iron oxides.  Blast furnace and alternative ironmaking processes.  Basic oxygen steelmaking. Scrap recycling and electric arc furnace steelmaking. Secondary steelmaking. Slag chemistry. Solidification of steel ingots and continuous casting of steel products.  
090135212Chemical Metallurgy for Non-Ferrous Metals3(3-0-6)
 Extraction and recycling of non-ferrous metals; e.g. copper, aluminum, zinc, tin, lead, titanium and precious metals. Primary and secondary raw material. Thermodynamics and reaction kinetics. pyrometallurgy: roasting, smelting, converting and refining. Hydrometallurgy: leaching, solution purification and the precipitation of metals and compounds. Electrowinning and electrorefining in aqueous and molten salt media.  
090135213Transport Phenomena in Materials Engineering3(3-0-6)
 Fundamentals of heat transfer, mass transfer and fluid flow (momentum transport) in metallurgical and materials processing. Thermal conductivity, Fourier’s law, heat conduction, convection, radiation, system boundaries, one dimensional steady state heat conduction, transient heat conduction, numerical methods for heat conduction, mass diffusion, Fick’s law, viscous behavior of fluids, conservation laws, fluid statics, laminar and turbulent flow.  
090135214Mechanical Metallurgy3(3-0-6)
 Stress-strain diagram, flow curve and anisotropy, strengthening mechanisms in metals, toughness and fracture behavior, damage and toughness analysis, cyclic load, high temperature materials behavior, cold forming properties  
090135215Steel  Designs3(3-0-6)
 Fundamental of materials modeling and phase transformation control, production of pipe and tube, boiler tube for power plant, steel for offshore and sub-zero applications, advanced high strength steels, car body steel, rail steel  
090135216Materials Science of Steel3(3-0-6)
 Technical and economic importance of iron and steel, physical properties of iron and steel, substitutional and interstitial solid solution, selected binary and ternary systems, stainless steel, segregation and inclusions, continuous casting,  precipitation and aging, pearlite formation, bainite formation, martensite formation, heat treatment of steels, adjustment of microstructure.  
090135217Polymer Processing3(3-0-6)
 Principle and application of polymer processing. Practical detail of conventional process such as extrusion, injection, blow molding, compression, thermo forming, and rotational molding.  
090135218Composites Processing3(3-0-6)
 Overview of polymer processing. Polymer blend. Polymer composites. Polymer composites processing. Mixing. Testing. Improvement properties of polymer.  
090135219Polymer Recycling and Biodegradable Polymer3(3-0-6)
 Principle and application of recycling technology of plastic waste. Design and characterization recyclable polymer product. Method of separation and recycling. Properties of biodegradable polymer. Standard and industrial application of biodegradable polymer.  
090135220Rubber Technology3(3-0-6)
 Natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Type and application of rubber. Rubber processing. Rubber chemistry and rubber formulation. Rubber compounding. Processing technology of rubber products.  
090135221Plastic  Designs3(3-0-6)
 A simplified and practical approach in designing with plastic that is fundamentally related to the load, temperature, time, and environment subjected to a product. It will provide the basic behaviors in what to consider when designing plastic products to meet performance and cost requirements. Important aspects are presented such as understanding the advantages of different shapes and how they influence designs. Information is concise, comprehensive, and practical. Examples are provided of designing different plastic products and relating them to critical factors that range from meeting performance requirements in different environments to reducing costs and targeting for zero defects.  
090135222Machine Tools3(3-0-6)
 Introduction to various machine tools. Design of machine components. Optimization of machine components. Evaluation of machine tools. Measuring instruments for machine tools evaluation, Automationtechnologyformachinetools.Controlsystems, Numericalcontrol. Communication technology and command control, Integrated manufacturing systems, Machine tool monitoring and diagnosis, Artificial intelligence in machine tool monitoring.  
090135223Quality Systems Management3(3-0-6)
 Quality management theory and industrial applications. Statistical quality control. Stabilizing and improving process. Quality cost and Loss function. Quality consciousness and types of control chart. Variable control charts. Attribute control charts. Operating characteristic functions. Process capability and statistical tolerance. Inspection policy. Acceptance sampling plans.  
090135224Simulation Techniques in Manufacturing Technology3(3-0-6)
 Prerequisite: Department Permission 
 Fundamentals in Finite Element Method, Concept of stiffness analysis, Stiffness matrix for assembly of springs, Solution procedure, Application to frameworks and several networks; Finite Element Methods to model in metal forming processes, Forging process, Sheet forming process, Blanking process.  
090135225Materials Selection and Design3(3-0-6)
 Materials selection, especially together with other components fabricated by other materials. Ashby chart.  Consideration criteria for materials selection: price, strength, density, thermal conductivity, thermal expansion, electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, galvanic series, ability to recycle, alternative materials, green materials.  
090135226Materials Characterization3(3-0-6)
 The course is for both metal and polymer materials. Thermal methods, light optical microscope, etching method and reagents, electron microscopy, elemental analysis, atom probe, scanning probe microscopy, microstructure-crystallographic technique, X-ray and neutron spectroscopy, synchrotron technology, techniques for determination of polymer molecular weight, identification of polymer, mechanical analysis technique for polymer.  
090135227Engineering Economics3(3-0-6)
 Apply a systematic process to making economic decisions. Financial accounting principles and cost systems, interpretation and use of accounting reports and supplemental information for engineering economic analyses, consideration of cost-volume-profit analyses, use of discounted cash flow techniques, flexible budgeting, transfer pricing, and capital budgeting. Formulate, and analyze cash flow models and conduct engineering alternatives based on use of interest computations, valuations, depreciation, and cost estimates.  
090135228Strategic Management3(3-0-6)
 Understand competitive forces and how organizations strive to build sustainable competitive advantages through business- and corporate-level strategies. Develop strategic thinking skills for balancing opportunities and risks of business competition to generate superior value for stakeholders. Perform in-depth analyses of industries and competitors, predicts competitive behavior, and explores how firms develop and sustain competitive advantage over time. Learn strategic considerations and implementations that affect the success of technology-based products in the marketplace through a systematic exposure to key concepts in analysis, formulation and execution of strategic options.  
090135229Engineering Management Science3(3-0-6)
 The course covers fundamental theories, concepts, and practices in optimization, simulation, and decision theory models to support management decision making. Emphasis on modeling and interpreting results for managerial applications of linear and integer programming models, network problems, simulation models, and decision analysis. Use software to accomplish the mathematical manipulations.  
 Related to a given technical topic out of the program’s research area,. The students have to search for literature and material by their own. In cooperation with the supervisor, the students have to prepare a presentation about a special problem and defend their opinion in a discussion with the other students.  
090135231Selected Topic in Production Engineering3(3-0-6)
 Lectures, seminar, and independent investigations or studies in selected areas of manufacturing processes, emphasizing in advanced metal forming technologies and polymer and composites technologies  
090135232Selected Topic in Materials Engineering3(3-0-6)
 Lectures, seminar, and independent investigations or studies in selected areas of material engineering, emphasizing in advanced applications and processing of materials  
090135233Selected Topic in Industrial Management3(3-0-6)
 Advanced topics in production relevant to Industrial Engineering Study of industrial management concepts concerning these following topics; fundamental of management and business; strategic management; production strategy and competitiveness; product design and process selection; project management; supply chain management; total quality management and statistical quality control; just in time system and lean manufacturing; forecasting, capacity planning and facility location; facility layout and work system design; aggregate planning management, inventory and material requirements planning; production scheduling; engineering economics; financial and accounting for engineers; industrial cost analysis; project feasibility study; engineering decision analysis; engineering management science; discrete simulation.