Materials and Production Engineering Program (MPE) has been developed to meet the industrial needs though practical training in industries or manufacturing enterprises, which are one of the main educational philosophies.

This Program will cover into 3 majors: a) Process and Manufacturing Technology,   b) Metallurgical and Material processing technology and c) Production Engineering and Logistics. This program is designed to provide and enhance the learning experience with in depth knowledge not only in all three disciplines but also the solving of management related problems, the skill of leading and functioning in project team, and ability to communicate effectively will be enhanced and strengthened throughout the whole study period. An integral part of the program exposes students to industry-related activities. These are included in a mandatory four
month internship in industry and an opportunity to work on advanced research projects.

Outstanding students may have an opportunity to conduct their internship and Master thesis at the well-known industries and institutes Germany, European countries and other world leading

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