Saturday, July 11, 2020





Co-rotating twin screw extruder 


Twin screw extruder is widely used in plastic compounding, reinforcing, color master-batch processing and filling, all kinds of cable conductor and pelletizing line. The capacity ranges from 5 kg/h to 15 kg/h. The diameter of the screw is 22 mm and the length/diameter (L/D) ratio of 40 and a max screw RPM of 600.


Manual Forming Machine

This machine is used to form a specimen. Specimen prepared tester is for preparing a specimen of rubber and plastic materials to offer the further material tests. The maximum pressure is 10 tons, maximum temperature is 300 ˚C and size of heating plate is 15x15 cm. 


Furnace - Heat treatment

This furnace with radiation heating are designed for highly adverse condition during heat treatment. They are ideally suited for tooling construction processes and in the hard-ening shop, such as annealing, harding or preheating for forging. The machine can be heated up to 1200 ˚C with maximum 6 steps temperature control cycles.


Strain Measurement and Analysis device

ViaLUX AutoGrid is a lightweight and compact device of a proven measuring methodology. Strain measurement has become a valuable tool for monitoring of sheet metal forming process. The comparison of actual strain values with the formability limit (FLC) of the sheet metal material provides essential information needed for assuring a stable in process.



The Leica DM2500 M high-quality optical performance is used to see the microstructure in studied material after specimen preparation by hot or cold mounting, planar grinding, polishing and etching respectively.


  Universal testing machine

The machine is designed into two columns. It has better stable. This machine is used to perform tensile, compression, bending and peeling test. The maximum load is 20 kN and stroke is 800 mm.




The horizontally operating DIL801L is a dilatometer design for standard tasks in normal atmosphere (air). Thus the DIL801L is ideally suited to test ceramic materials.